About Evangelist Michael

I am evang_michaelan evangelist and teacher by the laying on of hands by greater men than myself and I minister in the great state of Tennessee. I witness as led and do house to house ministry and some street ministry. I witness in institutions. I have an online live broadcast and I have been a Blog Talk Radio host for some years now. The ministry has been on You Tube for years Vlogging; yet to many that is not ministry for I have not a paid position nor do I have a board of directors. I have since the inception of Skype been witnessing to many individuals throughout the world pressing towards the call of my Lord and Savior Yeshua to the best of my knowledge. I am a blogger and I hold a Tumblr site all for the glory of God. I do not accept nor do I take part in Christendom nor the Pompous Protestant Ideology in America and throughout Europe. I believe and uphold the Torah and have received by faith the communication of the Apostles of Yehoshua in their words and reject the watered down and deceiving english manuscripts that in any way take away from the Torah and everlasting covenant of Yahweh given unto the house of Israel. There is and has forever been just one Almighty God in Heaven and Yeshua came to uphold His words and never in any shape, form, nor fashion came to reject any of His Father’s words but rather to fulfill them by living out what man has by excuse failed to do since the Torah had been given unto mankind. Only by the leading of the Ruach HaKodesh can man please a holy God; and Yeshua left us this example and demands that we pick up our cross and follow Him!


2 comments on “About Evangelist Michael

  1. Pastor, please come to our country and preach the gospel.

  2. Dear Evangelist Michael
    God bless you greatly for obeying his voice to minister this kind of healing to the body of Christ.You are really a vessel the lord uses to touch lives in the world.The new foundation you have really laid in lives is great,strong and powerful, May God bless you for such big sacrifice. I ask you please to pray with us a bout the possibility of coming to Kenya and minister the gospel to the lost in villages and markets and train pastors and church leaders for ministry Let me please know what the Lord is speaking towards this. Kindly Read in our
    website http://newhopefellowshipchurch.weebly.com/
    Many Many blessings !!
    Apostle Lucas and Jane obanda
    +254 735 658690

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